Friday, November 13, 2015

Every Girl Needs a Tutu!

Every little girl should have a tutu (and every big girl too for that matter). That's what I think anyway. They're twirly and magical and lovely! Life just seems brighter in a tutu! I am a tutu connoisseur. I wear tutus every chance I get and what with spending most of my time at Disneyland or in my kindergarten classroom, I get the chance fairly often! I have made tutus for lots of events and people of all ages. Going to Disneyland with my 15 cousins? We gotta all have tutus to correspond with our favorite princesses! Going to a bachelorette party? Gotta have bride and bridesmaid matching tutus! Going to a baseball game? Gotta whip up a tutu in Orioles black and orange (I'm still convinced I was thrown that ball by the outfielder as a direct result of my wearing a tutu)!  

For the past couple months I've been buried in tulle and ribbon and elastic waistbands as I prepared for my church's Holiday tea and boutique where I will be selling my tutus. I'm especially excited for this boutique because I get a special opportunity to share God's love and my tutus with some precious littles who have most likely never had a tutu. I'm partnering with Stacy Dewitt and the James Storehouse to give tutus to little girls in the foster care system. For every tutu that someone buys at the boutique, I will donate a tutu to a precious child in foster care. These tutus have been prayed over, both for the children whose moms are buying the tutus and for the little girls who don't get to live with their moms who'll be receiving one too! These are now holy tutus! And let me tell ya, tutus plus God's love equals one happy me! There's no better combination in my book! 

On our Twinkly Twins business card it says Colossians 2:2 (go on...say it fast...out loud...go ahead...get it? 2:2! Tutu! And yes I literally looked through every book of the Bible trying to find a chapter 2, verse 2 that worked). It says, "I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ, God’s great mystery." That is my prayer for each lady who comes to the event tomorrow, for each little girl whose mom buys her a tutu tomorrow, and for each precious child in the foster care system who will receive a tutu as a result of the event tomorrow. I pray that each woman and child would know that she is dearly loved by the God of the universe and that she is a part of His tapestry, His plan. She is not alone...never has been and never will be because God is crazy about each and every one of his precious daughters. I pray that each woman and each child (especially those littles in foster care who don't get to live with their earthly mommies and daddies) would walk in confidence and rest knowing that her earthly Daddy loves her dearly and wants so much to see her jumping with joy, dancing with delight...and twirling in a tutu!

*For any information on where you can get a tutu to twirl in, contact us at and don't forget to check out the James Storehouse Ministry at