Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prayers of the Littles

We do a lot of fun things in kindergarten…we hatch ducks, play with an octopus, cut fries at in-n-out, and while those are fun, they’re not the best part of kindergarten. The best part is right here:

This was our class praying after attending our field trip to the Compassion Experience this week. Nothing could bring more joy to my heart than hearing my littles pray. They are so willing and excited to talk to Jesus. I am blessed beyond measure to be there to hear them pray and I wish so badly that you could come hear them too. There is power in prayer, and I know that God loves and listens to all of us, but I have to say that after hearing them pray, I think that there is a special power in children’s prayers! Today we got a chance to pray for kids around the world. We wrote down our prayers, colored pictures of them, and then got in a circle and every single kindergartner prayed their prayer out loud. I have zero doubt that God was sitting right there in that circle with us. Read some of these prayers, imagine them in precious five-year-old voices, and be blessed!
"Help all kids to have a family and a healthy snack."
"For people to have a safe place to live."

"Please help people who want babies to have enough money."

"Help people have clean water."

"Help kids not to have to steal to get food."

"Help someone who is homeless in the desert to have water."

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