Monday, August 22, 2016

Lord of the Sea

Verses like this sound nice as you read them and then you turn the page in the Bible and look for something more applicable…until you’re attempting to walk up to midships (the least rocky place on the ship) without letting your body slam into either side of the hallway as the ships careens one way and then the other. Then this verse suddenly becomes very applicable. Our sail around the cape was rough and filled with people falling out of chairs in the dining room, salt zipping across the table, barricading your arms around your plate and cup so it wont go the way the salt is, putting a wedge under your mattress so you won’t roll out of the top bunk in the night, teacher meetings where everyone is lying on the floor, bungee cording your closet shut so nothing will fall out, and sitting in midships for hours on end (with no tea because no one in their right mind would attempt to carry a cup of hot liquid through the ship on top of trying to just walk).
We are now about halfway through the sail from Cape Town and up the west coast to Benin and at our sail briefing last week, the captain put up a weather map of our position during the sail and everyone erupted into applause. The weather is expected to be very calm and it certainly has been so far. We prayed for calm seas, and we got ‘em! I am here to tell you that Jesus is still the Lord over the waves, just as He was when He put out His hands and told the waves to be still. It’s a thought I would have agreed with, but never would have thought of before this sail. He has answered our prayers and once again told the waves to calm down around the Africa Mercy. We are grateful!

P.S. The sea is just so beautiful! We’ve seen the rosiest sunrises, spectacular sunsets, angry waves punching us back as we attempt to cut through the water, and even a blanket of quiet, thick fog that enveloped us for an entire day. I can’t stop taking photos of the sea because it never gets old. No matter what mood it’s in, the waves are absolutely mesmerizing. Take a look!

This is out my cabin window

Also out my cabin window

The bow of the ship

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