Saturday, September 17, 2016

Perks of teaching on a Hospital Ship!

Kindergarten had the coolest fieldtrip of all time today! We took a fieldtrip to the rehab tent to get casts put on, which was cool on so many levels! It’s every child’s dream… to get a full leg cast, but not have to break your femur to do it! Plus, we got to help the rehab team train the day crew workers on how to apply and saw off a cast! This was not play people! This was serious work! My girlies got prepped beforehand about what items would be used in the casting and especially about what the saw looks like that they would use to cut the casts off. The girls got to feel what the saw feels like on your skin so they would understand that it wouldn’t hurt them (because we didn’t want them to get the cast on and then be scared of the saw when it came time to take it off…the cast has to come off at the end)! Each of the girls had their own team of therapists and day crew trainees working on them. After the girls got their full legs in their casts, they were taught how to walk around using crutches and a walker. They even had physical tasks to complete on their crutches. After completing their tasks, they hobbled back to their hospital beds and were very brave indeed as they got their casts sawed off. Afterwards they got to take their casts home with them as souvenirs. 

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